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Sixteen Governing Values: Hyrum W. Smith

(1) I Love God with all my heart, mind, and strength.

(2) I love my neighbor as my self.

(3) I obey all the commandments of God.

(4) I am humble.

(5) I am an outstanding husband and father.

(6) I honor the memory of my father and mother.

(7) I foster intellectual growth.

(8) I am honest in all things.

(9) I use excellent speech.

(10) I maintain a strong and healthy body.

(11) I value my time.

(12) I am financially independent.

(13) I have a period of solitude daily.

(14) I change people's lives.

(15) I listen well..

(16) I have order in my life at all time.

Be Seen Be Heard Be Received

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