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Joe Nichols: My Friend

Joe Nichols and i go back to St Agnes Church School Kindergarten. My mother taught there, so I started in 1938. Joe came in around that time, as did many of our friends.

After our primary years, when we were old enough to leave our yards, the neighborhood kids played on "The Terrace", the perfect playground, since the street was a dead end. Joe lived on 16th and 4th Ave and I on 5th Avenue and 17th, so we were neighbors. Stickball and football were our daylong sports. As we got older, Tonk and Pitty Pat entered the vocabulary.


Joe and I were confirmed in the same class at The Historic St Agnes Episcopal Church in 1947.  Around 14 years of age, we started getting jobs and left the terrance to the "kids". We still saw each other at BTW though. Joe and I rarely saw each other after I left for college as i spent only a week or so in Miami in the Summer before heading back to Washington for Summer School and/or a job.

Sixty years went by and we rarely saw each other until one year I was visiting my mother and called Joe. He came by and through e-mails and and phone calls we remained in contact until I moved back in 2012.

I have seen my childhood buddy grow into senior-hood, a self assured guy, immaculately attired as in the old style of well dressed Miami guys. A serious business man, and still a trusted friend who has reached out to make me feel welcome when I returned to live in the Miami area.

Till death do us part buddy. Peace,

Roland C. Burroughs, DDS

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

If you need a speaker to inspire your people, to do it with passion, to leave them a message that really motivates and moves them, Joseph Nichols delivers.! 

He will inspire them to work harder and motivate them to achieve success that they haven't had before. He speaks with great energy, passion, experience and wisdom of what it takes to be successful in life!

Dr. Maurice Fuller

May 15, 2017

Dear Sir/Maam

It is with the utmost honor and accolades that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Joseph Nichols.

I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Joe over thirty-five years and because of his outstanding personality, we became friends,

Joe exemplifies a spirit of integrity and excellent work ethics. He is not only a tremendous asset to his community, but more importantly, he has demonstrated a passion of helping others in need.

I am thanking you for any consideration given to this letter.

Respectfully yours,

Audley Coakley,

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