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From Chain To Change

Over 401 years and counting the America blacks in the United States faced unbearable laws and harsh living condition at the hands of the white race. Forced to succumb to hostile way of life by brutal force from the white vigilante, white police force, and a white corrupt government.

the white man arrived to north america shores accident. Thinking that they had reach India because he saw people of colored and called them Indian. Not accepting this was a country inhibited by native tribes These came bearing disease and advanced weaponry and new system of labor and gender hierarchy .European believe that the indigenous did not deserve the lands that they inhabited. The European and England seek to settle and reshaped the nature land for themselves which can be said of Australia as well.

Native american was slaughter by the white men. Killing men, women, and children. Displacing tribes from there sacred land. As of yet native american has not been fully compensated for their stolen land. As american black can we expect anything different from this white government.The very though is disgusting.

This country has the stigma that the white race is superior to everyone because of their pale complexion.Any complexion other then white is inferior to them. If a person skin color denote superiority, then we black are superior because the black man and women produce every rainbow color of the human race bar none.

How can we of colored overcome this races application that is so prevalent in the hearts of this country and it"s government? First consider your past and picture your future.


We as black american need to unify our resources, our revenue, skills,and education to support our community and establish a faithful brotherly relation..Keep your revenue in your community for 30 days or more..Educate our children to become more frugal, to invest their money that it would multiply ten fold. Encourage entrepreneurship for those with a trade and our professional educator. Allows you to become an independent beacon in our community

Be proud of who you are with an intention of who, what you may become.Immovable reality dress as though you are successful. We who have reach beyond their dream would realize how successful they have become.

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