Joe Interviews Lindsey Streeter

Miami Business Coach and Motivational Speaker, Joe Nichols interviews Lindsey Streeter VP Global Military Affairs Program Manager at Bank of America

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Okay. Alright. So Mr Lindsey Streeter is from one of the big banks and, uh, Joseph Nichols, uh, a loving entrepreneur and speaker, uh, for inspiration for community. [00:00:30] Let Ryan Start Your questions.

Mrs Streeter. It is really a pleasure having the privilege of talking with you and she answered my ideas on a [inaudible].


Yeah. And advancement and your constant accomplishment in the United States army as well as in public life and be like very much to see all you have accomplished your goals and perhaps you [00:01:00] can share some ideas on your accomplishment.


sure. Hi John, it's a pleasure talking to you as well. And, uh, and I'll, I'll start by saying that, um, uh, some people look at my life and they consider it, uh, a successful one. I've just always looked to be, uh, as effective as I can. And so, uh, to kind of understand where I am today, you'd have to get an understanding of where I've come from. And [00:01:30] I, uh, I'm the fifth child of seven, uh, born to a set of sharecropper parents t