7 Bad Habits Wealthy People Never HAVE

By Andrew Ferebee:

They don't watch TV for more than 60 minute a day. Spending more than a hour in front of the television isn't just a waste of time, its complete madness.

They don't drink to excess on a regular basis. Successful people know how to party. In fast when you are part of the 1percent and you have the money to blow, epic parties become a natural by product.

They don't spend most of their money on consumption instead of creation. Successful people spend their money on things that make them better. They spend money on their business, personal growth, and their passion.

They don't overeat and consume processed foods. How you fuel your body will determine how well you can show up in business and in life. If you are eating clean foods you will feel better, have more energy and look younger. Unhealthy eating habits lead to all sorts of issue with confidence, depression, and long term chronic health problems.